Having you been having problems with your roof? Are you wondering if it needs to be replaced? This article explains several different signs that the time may be approaching for a roof replacement. Like most people your initial thought of replacement may come from getting a roof leak. However this is not the only sign that it is time for a new roof.

Shingle Roofs

There are several key indicators to look for. Damaged or missing shingles are among the more obvious signs. Some of the more subtle indicators are algae growth as well as missing granules on your shingles which will usually collect in your gutters. As your roof ages you may also notice that shingles will curl or buckle. If you have noticed any of these indicators it may be time to consider replacing your shingle roof.

No matter what type of roof system you have the best way to determine its condition is to have a qualified roofing professional perform periodic inspections Woolbright’s  Roofing offers these inspections which include a detailed report of the condition of your roof system, and any suggested actions you should consider to keep your roof functioning at its maximum potential throughout its service life. If the roof is beyond servicing and in need of replacement we can also provide you with a proposal to do so. Our goal is to keep our customers dry and happy and provide them with the best quality products and service.

“Ridge Cap” – Burned Out and Shingles Curling